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Christian Rome and catacombs / Underground Rome

Christian Rome and catacombs/ Underground RomeTalking about Rome, we must not forget that it is the Motherland of European Christianity. This is the place where there were the first persecutions of the Christians, this is the place where the first martyrs appeared. There in Rome the first "domus ecclesiae and tituli" appeared, which later were turned into first churches. In Rome there were the first subterranean Christian burials, in Rome the first catacombs appeared, in Rome the first cathedrals were built in the IV century in the period of the ruling of the  first Christian emperor Constantine. During the excursion to the ancient Rome you will observe the period of Christianity prosperity and phenomenal beauty of Epichristian basilicas.

Modern churches keep the underground Rome under them, and during the excursion you can study three subterranean levels of the St. Clemente Church, visit the grave of St. Kyrill – the first Slavonic educator.

We will help you to organize the visit to the following places of interest:

We consider the wishes of our clients, that’s why we can change the planned route and include the visits of St. Clement basilica or The Appian Way, The Basilica of Saint Mary in Cosmedin, Saint Peter in Chains or Santa Maria in Trastevere church.


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