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Rome in one day from the cruise

Rome in one day from the cruiseModern life where there is lack of time has made us be quicker at work as well as while resting. And we also want to see the world and discover its sights as quickly as possible. Supposedly, that is why there is excessive demand on Mediterranean cruises: such voyages let tourists visit numerous cities and even countries in a short period of time. If you are reading this page now, that obviously means that you are planning a cruise, one stop of which will be at Civitavecchia port. This place attracts tourists’ attention because it is not difficult to make a one-day trip to Rome from here.

Excursion Tour: Rome and the Vatican.

This is an individual tour. This tour will be complied according to your wishes and preferences. If it’s your first visit to Rome, we recommend you to start with the classical route (in other words , visiting the most famous places of Rome). If you have already visited Rome before, it is worth considering the possibility of some alternative route. There is one more variant – mixed tour, which is suitable for a group of tourists where there are those who have visited Rome before, as well as those who are in Rome for the first time. The mixed tour is nice because the visiting of the places of interest which are not normally included into general sightseeing tours to Rome will be added to the classic set of excursions.

The Vatican. You just have no right to ignore this excursion. This excursion is especially suitable for those who prefer high speed. The route is planned in such a way that you can observe Rome, the Vatican, its numerous museums, including the Sistine Chapel, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the so-named square of course. For those who like more peaceful pastime we offer having a rest after the excursion in Rome and having dinner in a cozy Roman restaurant, and only after having a rest – visiting the Vatican, where you will be able to visit St. Peter’s square and St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Please keep in mind that there are so many variants of routes: classic, alternative and mixed. We are ready for cooperation and always consider our clients’ wishes.

As a rule, a liner arrives at the port at 7.00 in the morning and sails further according to the route at 19.00. That’s why our tourists have enough time for excursions. Sailing off, as a rule, takes place at 8.30 (this is the time when the driver with the car meets you). In this case you will start enjoying the beauty of Rome at 10.00. In order to avoid unwanted turmoil, not to be nervous and not to worry for nothing, you should plan your departure for the port to take place at 16.00. So you’ve got 6 hours for excursion routes – it’s quite enough to see much and to get many positive emotions.

Excursion “In Rome from cruise”.

This transfer is on the car with the highly professional driver who picks you up at the port and takes you to Rome where he will accompany you during the excursions, and then brings you back to the liner. Individual excursions which include visits to Rome and the Vatican takes approximately 6 hours. We assure you that it is the most convenient variant!


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