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Night in Rome

Night in RomeSoft night illumination of the city’s places of interest which you can observe during the “Night Rome” excursion will create a wonderful atmosphere for romantic journeys and dates.

At nightfall Rome doesn’t fall asleep, its life still continues, but in just the opposite way. You will see mysterious life of this city which is eternal in every respect. Night excursions let you see Rome as modest and fragile, and not as magnificent as visitors see it at the daytime.

In night Rome you will not see the brightness of night illumination which attracts people in Las-Vegas or Moscow. Rome is eternity, Rome is history. Twilight of the night will not let you enjoy the famous ruins, because you can’t just see them. In night Rome only the inimitable charm of its day twin remains. Soft yellow illumination creates inimitable mystique and covers with mystery the fountains and squares, columns and cupolas of the city. Rome is transformed into the theatre, on the stage of which the history revives…

In the night light the Colosseum of Rome and the Arch of Constantine, the Trevi Fountain and the monument to Victor Emmanuel II on Piazza Venezia, St. Peter’s  Square in the Vatican City and the Navona Square with the Fountains of Four Rivers will appear entirely different, and the remains of Terme di Caracalla, the square of Spain and the square of the Republic, which is famous for its Naiades’ Fountain, Castel Sant’Angelo, become even more extraordinary.


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