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Imperial Rome

Imperial RomeAs far as the Roman archeological heritage is concerned, it just can’t be compared with any other city of the world. If we make a short background, the Roman Empire counts 16 centuries (27 BC. – 1453 AD.). It was in Rome where there was its origin and prosperity. It’s obvious that one cannot square the circle, but we can guarantee a lot of cognitive information and unforgettable emotions while visiting the basic architectural monuments of ancient Rome. The Colosseum and  The Arch of Constantine, The Palatine Hill and The Circus Maximus, The Roman Forum and The Capitoline Hill, The Capitoline Square of Michelangelo and  The Imperial For a will leave the most unforgettable memories for all your life.

If a client wishes, the plan of the excursion can be changed: visiting Roman Opera House, the baths of Caracalla or The Pyramid of Cestius may be included.


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