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Author: Mikhail. 16/01/2014.
Good-afternoon! Stanislav, my family and I want to express our gratitude for the excellent transfer. Your service was on high-level and we were very satisfied. I will recommend to all my friends and also all the tourists to use the services of your company. Everything is accurate, cool and comfortable. Yours respectfully, Mikhail.
Author: Veronica. 16/01/2014.
Thank you very much for the excellent-organized transport and accompanying of our group in Rome! I will recommend you to my friends, and I will use your services when I visit Rome again!!!!
Author: Alex. 16/01/2014.
I used the services of the company – meeting at the Fiumicino International Airport, the transfer to the hotel, a tour to Rome and the transfer back. Everything was great, accurate, good cars, reasonable price!
Author: Maria. 15/01/2014.
Many thanks! Perfect organization: transfer, excursions and help in the related questions! Very comfortable cars! Only your services next time!
Author: Evgeny Vtorkin. 14/01/2014.
Thank you very much, Stanislav! Very good and accurate driver, pleasant companion! It’s very interesting to talk with a person who lives “there” in my native language while driving and what’s more – in a superb car! Good luck in everything! See you in the future!
Author: Alla and Dmitry. 09/01/2014.
Many thanks to Stanislav and his group for qualitative and careful work. We have used the transfer many times and we’ve got only positive emotions. Excellent service, always comfortable and in time! High quality professionalism, I recommend to everybody!
Author: Mashenka Kovaleva. 21/11/2013.
Stanislav, thank you very much! We were met with Italian hospitality and were seen off with Russian hospitality. Perfect organization, excellent attitude and individual approach ))) When I’m in Rome next time, I already know the person to address! Ciao!))) P. S. A special thanks for Stas Mikhailov.)))))
Author: Ludmila, 23:03 30-09-2013
Theatre begins at the cloakroom, and Rome for us started at the airport)))) Super-transfer. Without any stumbles. Perfect cars. Everything is accurate and on time. Very kind atmosphere! Thank you very much!
Author: Anastasia, 13:14 28-09-2013.
Stanislav! Thank you and your company for the accurate, highly-professional work and exceptional human qualities! It’s extremely important when you have a rest in a foreign country. Oh, I wish everybody worked like you! When I’m in Rome next time, I’ll use only your services and I’ll recommend you to everybody! Thank you once again!
Author: Elena, 22:36 25-09-2013.
We called this company via Skype 08/09/13, we needed a transfer for this very evening. I talked to Stanislav who provided us with the car and answered all our additional questions. On our arrival to Rome we were met and taken to the hotel comfortably, and the next day Stanislav called us and asked if everything was fine. It was very pleasant. Thank you and good luck! Now I have the company to address and I will recommend you to all my friends.
Author: Svetlana Lopasova, 13:30 17-04-2013.
Stanislav,  I’d like to THANK you once again for your organization and accuracy during our holiday, because well-organized and comfortable transfer lifted our spirits remarkably, and what is more it is always more understandable and more pleasant to listen about historical and architectural sights of the country from a really Russian-speaking guide.) I recommend your services: the services are perfect, maximum attention, reasonable prices and very valuable advice and recommendations for tourists.
Author: Tania Aleksashkina, 13:27 28-07-2013.
Thank you for the excellent transfer. We were met very nicely, we had a little trip around the city and what is more important we got the answers for all of our questions and some advice. Everything is accurate and the price is reasonable. The car was very comfortable. Thank you, Stanislav!
Author: Nadezhda Korennaya, 13:26 27-07-2013
Thank you for the transfer from Fiumicino International Airport to the hotel in Rome. The car was comfortable, the driver is very friendlly, and he also helped us with our luggage.
Author: Tanya Nikiforova, 13:25 26-06-2013
I’m very grateful to you for your accuracy, and for the phone call the day before to get the confirmation of the arrival! It is very important after the arrival in a foreign country to feel the holiday and be confident in your planned affairs from the first minutes! I have much respect to Stanislav because he knows so much information about the culture of Rome and he talks so enthusiastically about the country, Italian cities, which are interesting, where you have already been or which you’re going to visit. Thank you for your sincere love to your job!  
Author: Aleksandra Geyermans, 13:25 06-06-2013
Thank you very much for meeting me at the airport. The driver was very polite and attentive, helped me in everything, told about the sights which we were passing, and there were many of them. I will recommend you to my friends.
Author: Lora Severskaya, 13:24 27-05-2013
It was a very pleasant trip from Fiumicino International Airport to Rome and back. I was very pleased by the price, especially in my situation, when I have to cut down my expenses. What’s more, it was very pleasant to communicate in Russian in Italy.
Author: Evgenia Egorushkina, 13:23 08-05-2013
We are very grateful for the perfect-organized transfer from Rome to Fiumicino Airport. Comfortable car and friendly driver. During our next visit to this wonderful city, I’ll surely order the services from your company!
Author: Marinka Gromova, 13:20 15-05-2013
Our noisy company is very grateful to Stanislav for EVERYTHING! Thanks to you and your company our holiday became even more pleasant! Special thanks for the unforgettable tour to Naples, Pompeii, Sorrento! Very great! The drivers are polite, accurate, always wear the suits, the cars are nice, comfortable, clean, very pleasant! If we decide to visit Rome again, we’ll book your services again. Thank you.
Author: Olga, 22:24 11-08-2013
I ordered the transfer to the Fiumicino Airport -Center and back. I got totally thrilled. Great car, experienced drivers. Special thanks to Stanislav, he answered all the questions, he was very friendly and considerate. I recommend your services to everyone, and next time I will use only your services.
Author: Boris, 22:48 30-07-2013
We booked a complex chain of transfers for two families with children from the airport in Rome, and then from several hotels in Rome and Civitavecchia Seaport a week from Seaport Airport. Absolute professionalism, punctuality, perfect condition of transport and impeccable service. Recommend to everyone.
Author: Yevgenia Yegorushkina, 18:33 29-07-2013
Thank you for the well-organized transfer from Rome to Fiumicino Airport. A comfortable car and a friendly driver. We’ll certainly book your service next time we decide to visit this wonderful city.
Author: Elena Loginova, 18:36 26-07-2013
We booked a transfer from Terracina to Fiumicino Airport in Rome in the company "Transfer in Rome". We were impressed by the service from the first minutes, it’s like in the slogan: punctual, comfortable, safe! The driver is very polite and caring. We had our small child with us, they gave us the child seat and even a kind of entertainment – a balloon. :)  We were very pleased! In general, we got there comfortably, in time and without problems! We recommend "Transfer in Rome" and their service. You will not regret.

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