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What is the minimum term to place the order?

We don’t put our clients into time frames. You can phone us or place your order online even four hours before the time of your supposed arrival. However, it is more desirable and reliable to place the order in advance, in this case we will be able to fulfill all your demands on a high qualitative level. After analyzing the information we have, we can announce the following figures: a tour to Rome can be planned in wide time frames- from four hours to ten months.

How can I order a taxi?

There are many possibilities: you can place your order online or phone the given number, you can also use skype or viber or send an e-mail. The only request to our clients is the information accuracy: the time and the place of arrival, the address where a taxi will pick you up, the number of passengers and places, necessary for luggage and your contact telephone number. This information will help us to fulfill all your demands.    

Is it possible to call off the booking?

Certainly, you just need to write us on our e-mail.

What should I do if the time of arrival or departure has changed?

You have to inform us as soon as possible by calling or writing on our e-mail. We will try to make the adjustments to our cooperation in the fastest possible way without causing any disadvantages for you. The sooner we get your information, the more qualitative our service will be.

What should I do if it is necessary to change the planned route or transfer?

In this case it is also necessary to inform us about the changes as soon as possible and describe your wishes in detail. We will do all the necessary changes. If the changes are not big (for example, visiting a museum or a restaurant), you can discuss it with your driver in Rome. But in this case the cost for the service may rise if the new route will be longer in time, distance and the number of passengers, because in some cases it will be necessary to change the vehicle for a more suitable for the conditions specified by the client.   

How will the driver meet me in the airport?

Our driver will meet you in the waiting-room in the airport. He will hold the sign with your name  in his hands.

How will the driver meet me in the seaport?

The driver will meet you at the dock under the board of the liner.  He will hold the sign with your name in his hands.

What should I do if I can’t find the driver?

In this case you just have to dial the phone shown in the contacts on our website.

What if my flight will be delayed or cancelled for some reason or other?

Inform us as soon as possible by phoning us or writing by e-mail. If your flight is delayed, your order will be renovated automatically. If your flight is cancelled, your order will be cancelled automatically.

Is it possible to use child safety seats while travelling?

Child safety seats are always available, if they are specified in the order. According to the Italian traffic laws it is possible to carry children in the backseat of the car without a special child safety seat if the children are accompanied by adults. If you want the children to be in a child safety seat, you can rent it in the airport. You just have to specify the number of seats for children. But we can’t guarantee that these seats will be ideal for your child.  

Is it possible to have other passengers in a car while transferring?

No, it is absolutely impossible, because all our orders are private. Therefore, for a private transfer only you and your group will be the only passengers of the vehicle.

Will there be any extra charges?

After our administrators consider your order in the letter “second confirmation” you will get the close price. There will be no “hidden” additional payments.

Should I give tips to a driver?

It is not forbidden, but it’s up to your desire.

Which way to order an excursion is more preferable: in advance or after the arrival to Rome?

The answer is obvious: in advance! It’s not worth hoping to find something cheaper after your arrival. It’s is not a suitable variant in Rome. The excursions offered in the hotel will be twice more expensive, as not only excursions, but also a guide, the hotel itself and the travel agency services will be included in the price. As you see, the direct conversation with our guide is far more advantageous and effective than other variants. The order made in advance by e-mail lets you choose the most convenient time for your excursion as well as the route. What is more, our guide can book the tickets to the museums you have chosen in advance, make arrangements with the driver and foresee numerous other peculiarities. You have to understand that the later you contact us, the less variants are left. But anyway we will tell you about all the variants we have.