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Villa and the Borghese Gallery

Villa and the Borghese Gallery One more extremely popular excursion is the visiting of the luxurious park (80 ha) near the Aurelian Walls and the famous street via Veneto (also known as the street of sweet life), where Borghese Gallery is situated. It is an inimitable architectural masterpiece of the 17th century made by Flaminio Ponzio and Vazanzio. The gallery was made as a “box for keeping valuables”, nowadays the collection of pictures and sculptural compositions of cardinal Scipione Borghese, the nephew of the Pope Paul V, are kept there. When you enter the gallery for the first time, you’ll find it difficult to choose what to see: splendid collection of sculptures of Ancient Rome authors or the statues of young Bernini, masterpieces of the famous “accursed artist” Caravaggio or the pieces of work by the genius of Renaissance Raphael. Here you’ve got the possibility to see the statue of Napaleon’s sister Paolina Bonapart by Canova, Titian’s mysterious work “Sacred and Profane Love”, the works by Caravaggio, Rubens, Cranah the Elder.

It is one of the most famous European treasure-houses, which is called “the queen of private world collections”. After visiting the gallery you may visit the zoo which is situated nearby or the Etruscan museum Villa Giulia, the National Gallery of Modern Art, where you can see the works by Klimt, Monet, Van-Gogh. It’s very important to book tickets in advance.


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