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Tour Roman Castles

Tour Roman CastlesThe Roman Castles are a group of small towns which are situated alongside the vent of the sleeping but active Latin volcano which is situated in 30 km from Rome. The part of the volcano are the lakes of unreal beauty: 170-metres Albanian lake which is the deepest volcanic lake in Italy, and also captivating lake Nemi included into the villa of the emperor Caligula, where he is considered to be buried. On the place of the modern town Nemi, famous for strawberry growing all the year round, once there was the revered temple of Diana Nemorensis. To become a priest of the temple, it was necessary to step over the blood. The contender had to rip off a golden branch in a sacred grove and kill his predecessor in a fight, otherwise he had to die himself. Near the famous Alba Longa the probable founders of Rome – the twin brothers Romulus and Remus – were born.

Another topic is the castles. The most famous of which are Savelli , Colonna, Orsini . All these are the names of famous Roman feudal families who owned these castles during the troublesome Middle Ages. Each castle is a sign of rebellion, that’s why with the strengthening of papal power the castles were destroyed and turned into villas examples of which are demonstrated to the tourists by us in Frascati. The summer residence of the pope Castel Gandolfo is also a castle that once belonged to the Gandolfo family, it was built on the site of the Imperial Villa of Domitian which is now in the Vatican City.

The Roman castles are a truly unique combination of art and historical routes with regional gastronomic delights. During the trip, you will have the opportunity to taste excellent wines D.O.C. (Frascati, Marino, Lanuvio, Velletri), the taste of which is easily explained by the special volcanic earth, which is rich in mineral salts, and on which the vineyards are growing. Here you will find a variety of cheeses and meat products , pork on skewers and great pastries, famous bread, abundance of fragrant strawberries and blueberries , and many other goodies. This is a completely different, unknown Italy, what it actually is.


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