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Ancient Ostia

Ancient Ostia

We offer our tourists the organization and visiting of the most ancient Roman port which, according to the legend, was founded by the tsar Ank Marzii in the VII century BC. In this place there are rich salt deposits, which made this place interesting for sellers and travellers. Besides, this port prevented the penetration of enemies’ ships by the river to Rome. Archeologists tend to believe that the oldest buildings there date back to the IV century BC.

This port played the most important commercial role for Rome by providing the city with all the necessary things, starting from grain from Egypt to granitic monolith, ivory and other luxurious things. The town which arose near the port is rich in warehouses, storehouses, the theatre of the II century, the houses with mosaic floors, thermae, temples, bakehouses and laundries. The town was finally abandoned in the IX century, but was preserved perfectly well and is equal to Pompeii excavation. During the excursion, tourists will have the possibility to walk along green streets of Ostia Antica, to talk about everyday life in the Ancient Rome, peculiarities of its cuisine and traditions. It’s really a unique possibility to imagine the life here two thousand years ago.


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